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Since taking office, Bobby Dyer has always supported our Public Safety workers and has worked to give them the best pay, benefits and equipment possible.

Bobby Dyer has earned the endorsement of the Police Benevolent Association as well as the endorsement of the Virginia Beach Firefighters Association. Stand with the men and women who protect our great city as they stand with Bobby Dyer for Mayor!

The Bobby Dyer for Mayor Campaign in pleased to announce the “Contract with Virginia Beach.”

This contract is a series of ideas, initiatives and commitments that Bobby Dyer is making to the voters of Virginia Beach, outlining his goals to promote fairness, inclusion and common sense solutions for our city.

Issues addressed in the Contract with Virginia Beach are:

  • Pay Compression
  • SwAM Businesses
  • Volunteer Rescue Squads
  • Pro-Business Initiatives
  • Keeping taxes low for Virginia Beach Homeowners

A full listing of the provisions of this contract are available on www.BobbyDyerForMayor/contract.

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