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Mayor Bobby Dyer completes Town Hall Meetings

Mayor Dyer listening to a local restaurant owner George Kotorias about the challenges he faces.

Newly elected Mayor Bobby Dyer has completed a series of Town Hall Meetings that were held throughout the City of Virginia Beach, meeting with constituents to hear their concerns about the future of our city.

In a unique approach to meeting with residents, this series of Town Hall meetings was held at various Virginia Beach Recreation Centers and Libraries with some meetings scheduled for the afternoon while others were held in the evening hours.

For some residents, afternoon meetings worked better while children were still in school or to avoid driving after dark, while for others the evening meetings best fit their schedule as many came straight after their normal work day.

Mayor Dyer taking questions from residents at the Central Library Meet & Greet

As these meetings had smaller numbers of attendees individually, having shorter meetings in various parts of Virginia Beach gave more Citizens the opportunity to interact with Mayor Dyer than would have been possible with the traditional format of one meeting attended by a large number of people.

Some issues such as flood control and mitigation, pay compression for our public safety personnel and government spending were discussed at all of the meetings, issues such as tourism, transportation trash and water bills were discussed at different Town Hall meetings.

“We are a large city with a very diverse population. I felt it was important to make myself available to as many different Citizens in every part of our city as possible to understand what issues are important to their neighborhoods and businesses. I think these Town Hall/Meet & Greet meetings have accomplished that and I look forward to more in the future. Mayor Bobby Dyer

Mayor Dyer has plans to hold more of these Town Hall/Meet & Greet meetings during his tenure as Virginia Beach Mayor.

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