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Something amazing happened in Virginia Beach yesterday (January 10th, 2019).

Staff from the Virginia Beach Housings Resource Center were conducting a survey of the local area along the tree line of a parking lot and discovered two trash bags. Wrapped inside of one of these trash bags was a homeless man sleeping on the ground.

This story could have had a very different and tragic outcome, especially as temperatures are dropping, were it not for the dedicated persistence of the City of Virginia Beach staff members. Even in this chilly weather, my hat is off to them and just wanted to say “well done.”

Last night, this aging Veteran of our Armed Forces had a hot meal, a warm bed and a safe environment in which to sleep and today, staff have begun working to find the resources and services that will be needed to help this gentleman start a new path in life.

With so much going on in the world, you might not have heard about this story. But I wanted to ask you to join me as I applaud the efforts of the staff and volunteers who help those less fortunate in our community.

If you or anyone you know might be in imminent danger of losing their home, call the Regional Housing Crisis Hotline at (757) 227-5932. A specialist will screen calls and determine the nature of the housing crisis. Depending on the situation, referrals may be made to Virginia Beach Housing & Neighborhood Preservation for further assessment. The most vulnerable homeless families and individuals will be sheltered and housed at the Housing Resource Center or at nonprofit facilities in the community as space is available.

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