Mayor’s Unity Party a Success

The Philippine Cultural Center on Baxter Road was the place to be for Mayor Bobby Dyer’s “Unity Party” that was held Thursday, January 17th 2019.

Approximately 300 attendees including several current and past public officials as well as candidates from the 2018 election cycle came out to enjoy music, the company of friends and a great buffet provided by the Imperial Palace Restaurant and Primo Pizza.

Attendance records indicate that attendees came from virtually every area of Virginia Beach who represented a wide range of citizens from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. No admission fee was charged for this event and the Philippine Cultural Center was deemed to be the best location due to its central location in Virginia Beach as well as being close to four HRT Bus Routes which would assure ease-of-access for as many people as possible.

Virginia Beach is a family of over 435,000 people” Mayor Dyer said “and I am humbled to have the honor of being your Mayor.” Among the moments that received the most attention was the affection Mayor Dyer expressed to his wife, Trish, referring to her as “the First Lady of Virginia Beach.”

The Mayor’s “Unity Party” was held in lieu of a campaign victory party that is typically held by campaigns on election night. Mayor Dyer has plans to make this an annual, post-election event during his tenure.

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