Regent University Graduate and former student of Bobby Dyer explains why he thinks Bobby Dyer will be the best choice for Mayor of Virginia Beach.

Voter for Bobby Dyer on November 6th 2018.

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First of all, let me start by saying I respect all of my colleagues that I serve with and I respect those in the community who have contacting me concerning appointments.

I agree we need changes in our appointment process, and they should be applied fairly and equally. The City Attorney has stated, and no one on Council has disputed, that no illegal conflict of interest exists in the appointment of Dorothy Wood. Do I think there need to be changes in the way the Development Authority conducts its business? Yes, and I supported new appointments to the Authority, which does have term limits. But I also think it’s wrong to target and attack individuals because of their relatives or their employers and create unwritten litmus tests which are selectively applied. Everyone appointee should be held to the same standards, and they should be equally applied and known in advance by the public and applicants alike.

I would favor instituting written standards to apply to all appointed Boards and Commissions so that every appointment has the same rules and the same scrutiny, and standards aren’t selectively applied. Let’s raise the bar. As many of you know, I assume people have the best of intentions and I prefer to work to change processes to make sure everyone has a level playing field. I think we can do that here so that no one can assume they are being targeted or treated unfairly.

Thank you for allowing me to explain my thoughts on the issue of appointments.


VIRGINIA BEACH- The Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association announced today that Councilman Bobby Dyer has earned their endorsement to become the next Mayor of Virginia Beach. According to the PBA’s announcement on Facebook:

After months of deliberation that included interviews, and input from our members in the form of an internal survey, our 2018 council endorsements are finalized:
Bob Dyer
Please note that Centerville has not received an endorsement at this time due to the late filing date. Once we speak with candidates we will have an endorsement.

“I am honored to have received the endorsement of the Police Benevolent Association and appreciate their service to the Police Officers, their families and the Citizens of our fine city. I look forward to working with them as well as all municipal employees in the years to come.” Bobby Dyer, Councilman and Candidate for Mayor.

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